Neglected Jewels of Clare Valley

Updated: Sep 28

Around Clare, three attractions are listed as Jewels of the Clare Valley, and these are

  1. Martindale Hall, on the Wakefield River

  2. Mintaro Heritage Township, by the Wakefield

  3. Kadlunga Estate, with the best rainfall in the area

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Martindale Hall

"The jewel of the Mid-North is Martindale Hall, a 140-year-old Georgian-style mansion that featured in iconic Australian film Picnic at Hanging Rock."

Why is Martindale Hall so valuable?

Martindale is still furnished and decorated as it was in 1950, when Dorothy Mortlock's recent husband Jack Mortlock died of cancer, and she locked up and moved to live in Adelaide (Dorothy Mortlock resided at 27 Avenue Road, Millswood SA up until around 1963).

  • Martindale Hall still holds the treasures of its previous owners, and is still welcoming visitors.

  • Martindale Hall’s extensive Mortlock Weapons Collection was provisionally listed by the SA Heritage Council in July 2020.

  • The Martindale property contains more than 1000 potentially historically-significant items including furniture, furnishings and specialised collections.

Heritage listed Martindale Collections include

  • the Mortlock Weapons Collection, (illustrated)

  • The Billiards & Sporting Collections,

  • The Pictorial & Heraldic Collections - All are Objects of heritage significance

  • Martindale Hall has so many items of significance, it is anticipated they will be grouped into a further 13 collections and presented to the SA Heritage Council over a series of meetings for consideration for listing as State Heritage Objects.

What if Martindale is sold off (again)? Obligations apply to owners pursuant to Section 28 of the Heritage Act that objects cannot be moved, altered or sold without permission. "Experience the grandeur of Martindale Hall a 19th Century Georgian Mansion, browse the artefacts and original furnishings, enjoy the history of our wealth pastoralists, along with the splendour of a bygone era, a unique living experience!"

Questions about Martindale Hall (from 'Martindale Secrets')

  1. Why did Martindale Hall get sold (in 1891)?

  2. Who bought it?

  3. Who owns it now?

Ayers House Chandelier and Dr Darren Peackock
Dr Darren Peacock NTSA Chief Executive Officer with the chandelier of significance

The Importance of Martindale Hall and its contents

"Martindale Hall is a key strategic asset for the Clare Valley and is a major drawcard for visitation and tourism business." Roy Blight, Chief Executive Officer, Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council (NOVEMBER 6 2014)

"Martindale Hall is a jewel in South Australia’s cultural landscape and it is unthinkable that it would be privatised,” said the Shadow Minister for Environment and Conservation in 2014.


Another Jewel: The beautiful town of Mintaro

  • Situated on the far eastern edge of the Clare Valley,

  • Mintaro is considered one of the jewels of South Australia.