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Martindale Secrets

Clare Museum now has an authoritative online history of Martindale Hall, including its predecessors and off-shoots, not to mention the reason for its fame, the 1975 movie 'Picnic at Hanging Rock', which must have been filmed with the express permission of Mrs. Dorothy Mortlock, who only passed away in 1979 and when she bequeathed Martindale Hall and the estate to the University of Adelaide.

Do you know what was the other major bequest of Mrs. Mortlock? And how long was her marriage to Jack Mortlock?

Do you know when Adelaide University took ownership of Martindale Hall?

Rotten Tomatoes website's critical consensus of Picnic at Hanging Rock reads:

"... (the) mesmerizing Picnic at Hanging Rock is moody, unsettling, and enigmatic -- a masterpiece of Australian cinema and a major early triumph for director Peter Weir"

The big secret of Picnic at Hanging Rock is what really happened to the missing girls and their teacher? Aha. See the page about the University and Martindale Hall.

Do you know Why Martindale Hall was built? That was only revealed three or four years ago by the National Trust. Keith Conlon, back in 1998 dismissed this version of history (see below)

More Questions: What big competition does Jane Hasell-McCosh (pictured above) run?

and where is her home? which she establishes in this video,

was the archetype of Martindale Hall (only bigger, and much older)?

To summarise:

  1. Who built Martindale Hall?

  2. Who was it built for? (Annie or Fanny?)

  3. Why did Martindale Hall get sold (in 1891)?

  4. Who bought it?

  5. Who owns it now?

  6. What are the five Martindale collections now classified by the SA Heritage Register?

To become An Expert on Martindale Hall's history and to know all if its stories, please take the time to digest all our research at The Martindale Hall Story at


Of course, the National Trust of S.A. wants you to think about the ownership and role of Martindale Hall:

Martindale Hall - The National Trust of South Australia has a ... › news › martindale-ha... 17 May 2016 — Martindale Hall Estate – National Trust's Vision to create a world class Heritage-based tourism attraction. We have submitted a formal proposal ... To the Honourable the President and Members of the ... › 2021/05 › Mart... PDF KEEP MARTINDALE HALL FOR THE PEOPLE - Petition to Parliament.

Please return completed petition sheets to: National Trust of South Australia, 631 Glynburn Road ...


You can read more about the grand plan of the National Trust for Martindale Hall at:

The National Trust of South Australia has made a formal bid to take over the running of historic Martindale Hall and create a world class tourism ...

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