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Clare National Trust Historian

Jean Schmaal

Jean Schmaal was born in Glenelg, South Australia, and educated in Adelaide and Port Pirie.

Jean spent many years in Clare and spent many hours on research for the Clare National Trust branch.

She was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to the community in 1993 and was a foundation member and the first Life Member of the South Australian Police Historical Society Inc.

Although Jean saw much of her work published in various police journals, she was denied the pleasure of seeing Tales of the Troopers published in book form in 1999. She died in 1998 following a long illness.

5 Aug 1986 Jubilee Tribute to Jean Schmall.png
Tales of the Troopers - Stories from the Wild Colonial Days by Jean Schmaal.jpeg

Books by Jean Schmaal

  • Clare --- a Backward Glance, published by the Clare National Trust of S.A.,  Jean Schmaal,1980, 64 pages

  • Tales of the Troopers, Stories from the Wild Colonial Days, Jean Schmaal, Wakefield Press, 1999, 230 pages
    (Available from the Clare Regional History Group)

Some Stories researched and told by Jean Schmaal

on this National Trust website

More Stories researched and told by Jean Schmaal

at the Clare Regional History Group Website

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