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Meet the Family behind the Royal Show

Read all about the late Captain Hughes and his legacy,
Hughes Park Estate and Gum Creek Estate

Duncan Family Heritage now... Meet Jock and Walter Duncan:

(Over) 175 Years of the RA&HS - The Duncan Family

The Legacy of Captain Hughes:

Read all about the Supreme Court battles of Captain Hughes, who opened the Moonta and Wallaroo Copper Mines, which paid over £1,000,000 in dividends only 150 years ago.

With no acknowledged children, he left his estate to his nephews (Sir) John James Duncan and his brother Walter Hughes Duncan, both S.A. politicians and pastoralists. Those rich estates have been passed down to the current Duncan family members.

Learn about the Hughes' legacy: Moonta Mine, the mammoth Copper Mine, now the site of the SA National Trust Museum, and pushing for World Heritage Status:

and get all the historical news for the Hughes Park Estate events and B&B, Watervale

And if you have the time and curiosity, you can explore the Hughes Park news Timeline, at your leisure.

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