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Auburn Historic Walk

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Auburn is considered the "Gateway to the Clare Valley", and is a pretty town with numerous historic sites. The township was established in 1849 and gained importance during the 1850s as part of "The Gulf Road", as bullock teams hauled copper from Burra to Port Wakefield.

Auburn has a number of National Trust buildings, including the Court House and Police Station, built in 1859 from local stone by Joseph Mellor, Uniting Church (1861), St John's Anglican Church (1862), Post Office (1862) and the Auburn Institute (1866).

The oldest building in Auburn is possibly the Rising Sun Hotel (1850), where visitors can enjoy an excellent meal and heritage accommodation, complete with its own ghost! Visitors can also enjoy coffee in the fabulous gardens of Velvet and Willow, site of the former Glovers store. Look up at the ceiling of the verandah to view the original wood shingles. Velvet and Willow have also preserved the old bakers' oven, which can be admired as you order your coffee!

Take your time to enjoy the town of Auburn with the Auburn Historic Walk self-guided walk, courtesy of the Auburn Community Development Committee and Auburn National Trust.

Auburn Historic Walk
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Read more with colour photographs:

Below Slideshow of Auburn's Historic Buildings - Click < or > to view

  1. Street scene, Auburn c 1915 photo by H H Tilbrook - at AGSA

  2. Aerial view of Auburn situated on the edge of the Clare Valley and bisected by the Wakefield River. The name was given by the Burra Mine superintendent from a poem by Oliver Goldsmith "Sweet Auburn, loveliest village on the plain". 1938 SLSA B-7520

  3. General view of Auburn and surrounding countryside.1910 SLSA B-24495

  4. Auburn - Main Street looking South. 1920 SLSA B-24501

  5. Auburn Part of the main street. SLSA B-31979

  6. Auburn Main street, Auburn showing the petrol garage SLSA B-8317

  7. Auburn Rising Sun Restaurant - Flickr by Joe Wallace

  8. Auburn Post Office( 1862), Auburn, SA. Flickr by Andrew Shipway

  9. Auburn Town Hall, Auburn, South Australia. Located on the Main North Road at the northern end of town, the Auburn Town Hall was built in 1866. Flickr by John Jennings

  10. Auburn Hotel by David Bowshall - SA Memory

  11. Street Scene, Horses and coach with passengers travelling along the street of Auburn. SLSA B 31361

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