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Early History of Clare

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

A simplified pictorial History of Clare had been written (over Summer) in two long pages at the Clare Museum website :

Below is a picture which (at right) includes the actual ship 'Emerald Isle' which bought Paddy Gleeson and extended family from Calcutta to Port Adelaide (and built by the East India company)

Pictured below - the ships David (obscured behind mangroves, exact vessel unknown), Henry Porcher [British], Goshawk [British], Eden (1826), Emerald Isle [British].

Here is a screen shot of this simple story of Early Clare:

This Early History of Clare page uses "reveal" of pictures which is used for ABC web histories and is especially noticeable on the good-looking 'Mintaro Maze' website.


Links to other articles are shown like this:

This page 'Clare's Early Years' ends with this photograph of Early Clare and map from an old version of the Clare Historic Walk:

The 'Clare Historic Walk' webpage has also been updated with full directions, full addresses, and links to Google Maps if you get lost. Enjoy !

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