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Clare Talks - Clare's History in Podcasts

We have a bumper crop of episodes from two of our talented podcasters in Clare.

The stories they share explore topics from early settler history of the area to the natural beauty visitors can experience when they visit the Clare Valley today.


Pauline Reid, Clare National Trust

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Millie Nicholls and Gordon Hawker at Mar

Millie Nicholls, Clare National Trust

with George Hawker of Bungaree
at Martindale Hall

Hutt River in Flood 1889
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Inchiquin and the Hill Family
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Episode 1: Old Police Station by Millie Nicholls and Mouse Trap by Pauline Reid

The Old Police Station is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Clare.

  • It now houses the Clare Museum and Clare Branch of the National Trust of South Australia.

  • Millie tells us the history of the building and those who worked there.

  • Her research reveals the wide range of human interactions that take place around the police presence.

  • From the sad plight of men who travelled through the district to blossoming romance for Constable Aliff.

In part two of the episode:
  • Pauline discovers an unusual and practical object which can be found in the Clare Museum collection.

  • We also hear from Marilyn from Gawler, who has a short tale to tell in response to Pauline’s helpful, household object

  • Millie’s mystery uncovers an early explorer to the Clare Valley who has been largely been forgotten over time.

  • He was the first white man to see the water courses and features of the land of the Ngadjuri people.

  • Millie’s research draws on research from Max Slee’s book about John Hill.

Episode 3: Trees and native vegetation by Millie Nicholls

Join Millie as she talks about her special region, the natural landscape and native trees of the Clare Valley.

  • We discover that her local environment has big trees and small trees amongst the wide open plains and broad valleys, and we find out why.

Episode 4: The Clare Valley Highland Scots by Millie Nicholls

A group of settlers to Clare came from the Highlands and islands of Scotland.

  • We find out how this group of early migrant families came to be living in the Clare Valley.

Episode 5: The Glassenbury children by Pauline Reid

Pauline shares a sad mystery from long ago.

  • Her tale examines the social history of Clare and the tragic loss of two children to drowning around the time of WWI.

Episode 6:  Inchiquin and The Hill Family by Millie Nicholls

Find out about The Hill Family and how they came to live in the Clare Valley.

  • Millie talks about the plights and successes of a much loved local family and about Inchiquin homestead which was the scene of many celebrations, balls, and social gatherings.

Episode 7: Grasses and wild flowers by Millie Nicholls

Millie continues her exploration of the native vegetation of the Clare Valley.

  • She draws our attention to the smaller plants that she knows so well.

  • One of these small flowers, prized by the Ngadjuri people, was the Murnong.

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